International Justice
On 22 July 2014, the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Court (ICC) scheduled a public hearing on Thursday, 24 July, at 11:00 (The Hague local time) to deliver its judgment on the admissibility of the case against Abdullah Al-Senussi
Recently the Office of the Prosecutor established a Scientific Advisory Board, which met for the first time at the ICC last week.
Katanga and the OTP both discontinued their appeals against guilty verdict of 7 March 2014 in the case The Prosecutor v. Germain Katanga. The judgment is now final
Prosecutor Bensouda, announced the conclusion of the preliminary examination of the situation in the Republic of Korea

News & Publications
Together with ICTR President Vagn Joensen, President Theodor Meron in his capacity as both ICTY and MICT President sent a letter to International Criminal Court (offering their congratulations on the Day of International Criminal Justice.
A Dutch court has ruled that the Netherlands is liable over the killings of more than 300 Bosniak (Bosnian Muslim) men and boys at Srebrenica in Bosnia-Hercegovina in July 1995.
In order to create a lasting legacy of the 2013 Nobel Peace Prize award to the OPCW. The Organization in partnership with the City of The Hague, has established an annual “OPCW–The Hague Award”.
Judge Hans-Peter Kaul, who recently resigned from the International Criminal Court (ICC) for health reasons, has died, according to a statement released by the President of the ICC. More to follow
Court Calendars
An opportunity for the general public to attend one of the scheduled guided tours
This one-week summer programme provides the participants with a historical overview of arms control concepts and approaches, and considers the role of WMD disarmament and non-proliferation in the context of international law, security policies and geopolitical considerations
In recognition of the agency's anniversary, Europol will present a new unique publication which shows how art, design, architecture, policing and European cooperation come together at Europol's headquarters.

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Witness Operations Assistant(Victims and Witnesses Unit)
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Trial Counsel (also for rostering purposes)
Assistant Trial Attorney, P-3 (for rostering purposes)
Senior Medical Officer, P-5 (Temporary vacancy on a 50% basis)
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Senior Trial Attorney, P-5 (For Rostering Purposes)
Associate Legal Officer, P-2 (For Rostering Purposes)
Bilingual Secretary, FS-3 (For Rostering purposes)
Audiovisual Technician, G-5
Translator/Reviser (English Mother Tongue)
Librarian/Head of the Documents Division and Library of the Court
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