Nyiramasuhuko, Pauline

At the time of the events referred to in the indictment against her, Pauline Nyiramasuhuko held the position of Minister of Family and Women’s Development in the Interim Government of Rwanda following the death of President Habyarimana and the subsequent assassination of Prime Minister Uwilingiyimana. The case, which began on 12 June 2001, is significant since Nyiramasuhuko is the first woman to be indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) and is the first woman in the history of international criminal law to be indicted for rape as a crime against humanity.

Pauline Nyiramasuhuko, along with her son and leader of the Interahamwe militia, Arsène Shalom Ntahobali, is charged along with four other accused following the joinder of their cases on 6 October 1999. The other accused are: Sylvain Nsabimana, Joseph Kanyabashi, Elie Ndayambaje and Alphonse Nteziryayo.

Pauline Nyiramasuhuko is charged with conspiracy to commit genocide, genocide or complicity in genocide in the alternative, direct and public incitement to commit genocide, as well as multiple crimes against humanity. The indictment charges that Nyiramasuhuko participated in a plan to exterminate Tutsis, and supervised and ordered attacks whilst also encouraging and assisting atrocities committed by the Interahamwe militia.


The trial finished on 30 April 2009. The judgment is expected in 2011.

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