Renzaho, Tharcisse

During the events of April to July 1994 in Rwanda, Tharcisse Renzaho was Préfet, and Chairman of the Civil Defence Committee of Kigali-ville, as well as Colonel in the Forces Armées Rwandaises (FAR). In his capacity, he had de jure and de facto control over armed forces, militias, bourgmestres, gendarmes and armed civilians.

On 14 July 2009, Trial Chamber I of the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (ICTR) found Tharcisse Renzaho guilty of genocide, as well as murder and rape as crimes against humanity and serious violations of Article 3 common to the Geneva Conventions. He was however acquitted of complicity to commit genocide. Renzaho will now serve a sentence of life imprisonment, subject to appeals.

According to the Trial Chamber, Renzaho is guilty of participating in an attack on the Saint Famille church in which more than 100 Tutsis were killed, arming Interahamwe militias, as well as failing to intervene when army tanks fired upon Tutsi houses causing multiple deaths.

Having been arrested in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2002 following previous failed attempts to capture him in Kenya and Zambia, he was transferred to the custody of the ICTR, where his trial began on 8 January 2007. The proceedings were completed in February 2008.


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