Appeals Chamber dismisses Karadzic Appeal on postponement of trial 01 Apr 2010
The ICTY Appeals Chamber has dismissed an appeal to delay the trial against Radovan Karadzic.

On 31 March 2010 the Appeals Chamber at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) dismissed an appeal to delay the trial against Radovan Karadžić.

Karadžić made his opening statement in his trial on 1 and 2 March 2010. He filed an appeal against the decision to order the start of trial, and requested a stay of proceedings pending a decision by the Appeals Chamber.

In its decision, the  Appeals Chamber began by emphasising that the scheduling of a trial is at the discretion of the Trial Chamber, and that it would only overrule such a decision if it finds the Trial Chamber made a ‘discernable error’.  Karadžić argued that by setting a date for trial, the Trial Chamber had effectively overruled an order of the President stating that the Registry’s funding of the defence during the adjournment period was insufficient. He argued that it is unreasonable for the Trial Chamber to order the beginning of the evidential stage of the trial when the President had found that the Registry had made and ‘unreasonable’ decision regarding defence funding. The Prosecution argued that the President’s decision pertained to defence remuneration and did not require the Trial Chamber to order a delay of the trial.

The Appeals Chamber held that the President’s decision dealt solely with the remuneration of the Defence team, and did not affect the scheduling of the trial, which is at the discretion of the Trial Chamber.  The trial of Radovan Karadžić is scheduled to resume on 13 April 2010 at 14:15 in Courtroom I with the start of the presentation of the Prosecution’s evidence.

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