The International Court of Justice and Kosovo: Opinion or Non-Opinion? 28 Sep 2010
A discussion of the ICJ's Kosovo Advisory Opinion and international law.

On 22 September, the Amsterdam Center for International Law held a discussion on some of the controversies triggered by the International Court of Justice’s Kosovo advisory opinion. Speakers at the event discussed the possible implications for Kosovo’s legal status as well as the added value of the opinion for the development of international law and the settlement of international disputes.

Dr Jean D’Aspremont (University of Amsterdam) The Creation of States before the International Court of Justice: Which (Il)Legality?

Dr Eric De Brabandere (University of Leiden) The Kosovo Advisory Proceedings and the Court’s Advisory Jurisdiction as a Method of Dispute Settlement

Dr Tarcisio Gazzini (Free University Amsterdam) The Kosovo Advisory Opinion from the Standpoint of General International Law

Dr Jure Vidmar (University of Amsterdam) The Kosovo Opinion and General International Law: How Far-reaching and Controversial is the ICJ’s Reasoning?

Dov Jacobs (University of Amsterdam) The Kosovo Advisory Opinion: A Voyage by the ICJ into the Twilight Zone of International Law

Raphaël van Steenberghe (Université catholique de Louvain) The General Assembly resolution requesting the Kosovo opinion and the ultra vires issue

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