The Hague Institute for Global Justice

General Introduction

The Hague Institute for Global Justice was established by The Hague Academic Coalition, the City of The Hague, the Hague Conference on Private International Law and the Hague Centre for Strategic Studies, supported by the Dutch government. It is an independent centre of expertise, based in The Hague, the city that has been a symbol of peace and justice for more than a century.
The Institute is dedicated to the promotion of knowledge of law and justice as the basis of and in relation to peace, security and social and economic development. The objective is to develop an integrated approach towards issues where the lack of law and justice could lead to political, military, social or economic instability and inequality. The Institute achieves this by synthesising the best and most innovative knowledge from national and international sources, with the aim of mobilising various disciplines, actors and geographic and cultural perspectives. By assembling the best multidisciplinary knowledge and expertise that the world has to offer, The Hague Institute for Global Justice seeks to secure a strong international position.


Professor Nico J. Schrijver, Interim Dean:

Anton Nijssen, MSc, Operational Manager:  

Dr. Koos van der Bruggen, Senior Policy Advisor:

Anna Gouwenberg, LL.M., Policy Officer & Assistant to the Dean:

Laura de Meijer, BSc, Communications & Events:


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