International Criminal Law Network

General introduction

International Criminal Law NetworkThe International Criminal Law Network (ICLN) was founded in 2002 by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Dutch Ministry of Justice and the Municipality of The Hague. The Network was created to meet the demand of a more structural knowledge base in the field – especially in light of the recent establishment of new institutions such as the ICC and Eurojust. ICLN’s mission is to organise professional and social interaction between practitioners, academics and policymakers concerned with international criminal law worldwide.

Currently, ICLN connects approximately 350 members from 60 countries. Its institutional members include organisations such as Europol, Interpol and the Columbia Law School. ICLN members receive a quarterly newsletter, are invited to the quarterly social gatherings, are directly connected with one another by ICLN’s Membership Directory and receive discounts on activities organised by ICLN. ICLN organises conferences, including an established Annual Conference, courses, debates and tours of The Hague – the 'Legal Capital of the World’ – and its legal institutions.  The ICLN also organises the ICC Trial Competition, open to universities from around the world.

Who's who?
Elies van Sliedregt - President
Dorien Patberg – Project Manager

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