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Hague Academy of International LawGeneral Introduction

Since its creation in 1923, The Hague Academy of International Law has occupied its premises at the Peace Palace, alongside the highest judicial institutions such as the International Court of Justice and the Bureau of the Permanent Court of Arbitration. It is a centre for research and teaching in public and private international law, with the aim of further scientific and advanced studies of the legal aspects of international relations.

The famous Summer Courses of the Hague Academy take place over a period of six weeks: three weeks of private international law and three weeks of public international law. Since eighty years thousands of students attended these Summer Courses, representing between sixty and ninety nationalities each year. Students have the opportunity to attend lectures of internationally re-known scholars of international law and thus attending courses of a high level. Many of the alumni have become well-known in the judiciary, diplomacy and academic world. Studying in The Hague, the Legal Capital of the world, the Academy provides students the opportunity to have contacts with the International Court of Justice, the international criminal courts, the Iran-U.S. Claims Tribunal, the Bureau of the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Conference on Private International Law, and other institutions.

The Academy’s Centre for Research is open to persons undertaking high-level research, working under the supervision of professors who are highly qualified in the subject being studied, with the best results of the work being published in the Academy's prestigious collection.

Peace Palace in The HagueThe Academy’s External Programme, created in the 1960’s, has undertaken more than thirty training programmes in Africa, Latin America and Asia. New training programmes are being implemented in Central and Eastern Europe and the new States in Central Asia, with a view to promoting knowledge of international law and its developments. With the same intention, to contribute to the establishment of peace, the Academy created its Seminar for Advanced Studies in Public and Private International Law for Professionals. This “life long learning programme” is aimed at practitioners and all those who feel the need to update their knowledge in this area where rules and principles are evolving with great speed.

The Academy’s scientific body, the Curatorium, calls upon outstanding academics, practitioners, diplomats, and other professionals from all over the world whom it considers qualified to give lectures, in English or French (with simultaneous interpretation). Students are assured of learning from internationally re-known specialists. The courses are being published in the Collected Courses of the Academy. The more than 330 volumes are certainly the most important encyclopaedic publications on private and public international law. An electronic version is also available.

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