Van Anraat accomplice to war crimes 23 Dec 2005
The District Court of The Hague has sentenced Dutch businessman, Frans van Anraat, to 15 years' imprisonment for complicity to war crimes.

Frans van Anraat On 23 December 2005, the District Court of The Hague found Dutch businessman, Frans van Anraat, guilty of complicity to war crimes, but acquitted him of complicity to genocide itself. During the 1980s, van Anraat was Saddam Hussein's most important supplier of chemicals used for the production of mustard gas. According to the Court, van Anraat's involvement in supplying chemicals to Iraq was an essential contribution to the chemical weapons programme of Saddam Hussein's regime. On account of the chemicals supplied by van Anraat, the regime was capable of carrying out a large number of attacks with mustard gas on the civilian population. The Court found that the chemical attacks during the1980s were committed with the intent of the destruction of the Kurdish peoples in Iraq. This action therefore amounted to genocide by the Saddam regime. More specifically, the Court concluded that Saddam Hussein, Ali Hasan Al-Majid and Hussein Kamal Hassan Al-Majid - possibly amongst others - were responsible for the crime. Saddam Hussein and Ali Hasan Al-Majid are currently on trial in Baghdad before the Iraqi Special Tribunal.

The Court found that there was insufficient evidence that van Anraat knew about the genocidal intent of Saddam's regime - a necessary element for a 'complicity to genocide' conviction. Frans van Anraat was convicted of complicity to war crimes since his deliveries facilitated the attacks on the Kurdish peoples and made the carrying out of the regime's ambitions considerably easier. The Court noted that the above mentioned members of Saddam's regime were amongst those responsible for these war crimes.
The Court sentenced van Anraat to the maximum penalty of 15 years' imprisonment while concluding that the sentence was insufficient due to the severe repercussions of the chemical attacks and the nature of the crime.
Both the prosecutor and van Anraat intend to appeal against the decision. 

Read the official judgement (Dutch only)

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