International Justice

Prosecutor's recent report to the UNSG on the worsening situation in Libya. Read the text of her speech here.
and the seizure of over one tonne of hashish, 44 vehicles, 21 properties, a sailing boat and EUR 27 500 in cash.
The time of re-opening will be determined by the Trial Chamber in due course
Court held that there had been several violations of the Convention
Jean-Jacques Mangenda Kabongo, the fourth suspect, will be released as soon as the ICC Registry finalises all the necessary arrangements.
A Joint Mission on the elimination of Syrian chemical weapons, read more..
Prior to the closing arguments, the Chamber will hear Witness P-169 as of 14 October 2014
Rianne O'Gara followed the hearings at the ICC for the HJP, and was in court every day
Mr Gómez-Robledo Verduzco (Mexico) and Mr Heidar (Iceland) were sworn in as members of the Tribunal, this morning.