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R2P, the ICC and the Libyan arrests
Carsten Stahn, Professor of International Criminal Law and Global Justice at Leiden University, assesses the recent developments in Libya and the consequences for the International Criminal Court and the 'responsibility to protect' principle
Carsten Stahn 24 Nov 2011
The Prosecutor v. Thomas Lubanga Dyilo - a turbulent but promising retrospective
As Trial Chamber I prepares to deliver its landmark judgment, Danya Chaikel looks back over the challenges faced and the lessons learned during the course of the ICC's controversial first trial
Danya Chaikel 17 Nov 2011
The arrest of Ratko Mladic and its consequences for the process of admission of Serbia to the EU
How much effect will the high profile arrest of General Mladic have on Serbia's accession?
Andrea Leoni 06 Jul 2011
Does gender matter at the International Criminal Court (ICC)? Reflections on the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day
On the 100th Anniversary of International Women's Day, Danya Chaikel, an advocate for women's rights and justice, analyses the treatment of sexual violence by the institutions of international justice. She examines the development of gender-based crimes, outlines the current proceedings and looks at the methods used by the courts to ensure representation of women both as lawyers and as victims.
Danya Chaikel 08 Mar 2011
The General Assembly resolution requesting the Kosovo opinion and the ultra vires issue
Raphaël van Steenberghe analyses the conclusions that the ICJ held on its jurisdiction in the Kosovo case.
van Steenberghe, Raphaël 15 Oct 2010
The Kosovo Advisory Opinion: A Voyage by the ICJ into the Twilight Zone of International Law
Dov Jacobs discusses how the ICJ erred in seeking to answer a question relating exclusively to the conduct of individuals, rather than states or international organisations.
Jacobs, Dov 12 Oct 2010
The Kosovo Opinion and General International Law: How Far-reaching and Controversial is the ICJ's Reasoning?
Is the Kosovo Advisory Opinion actually a Non-Opinion?
Vidmar, Jure 11 Oct 2010
The Creation of States before the International Court of Justice: Which (Il)Legality?
Although not commenting on the final outcome of ICJ's opinion on Kosovo, Jean d'Aspremont discusses the diverging concepts of (il)legality throughout the Court's reasoning.
d'Aspremont, Jean 01 Oct 2010
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