Permanent Court of Arbitration

General introduction
Permanent Court of ArbitrationEstablished by treaty at the First Hague Peace Conference in 1899, the Permanent Court of Arbitration is the oldest global institution for the settlement of international disputes. The Court offers a wide range of services for the resolution of international disputes which the parties concerned have expressly agreed to submit for resolution under its auspices. Unlike the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration has no sitting judges: the parties themselves select the arbitrators. Another difference is that sessions of the Permanent Court of Arbitration are held in private and are confidential. The Court also provides arbitration in disputes between international organisations and between states and international organisations.

Working in close co-operation with the Permanent Court of Arbitration, the Hague Justice Portal has digitalised a number of the Court’s historic international arbitral awards, making them available for the first time in electronic format. View the PCA historical awards project on the Hague Justice Portal.

View all the PCA research files on the Hague Justice Portal

Number of staff
Approximately 25

Employment opportunities

Who's who? 
Hugo H. Siblesz - Secretary-General
Brooks W. Daly - Deputy Secretary-General

Contact information
Permanent Court of Arbitration
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