Global Human Rights Defence

General Introduction
Global Human Rights Defence logoGlobal Human Rights Defence (GHRD) is an international human rights organisation with the objective of promoting human rights for those areas where severe violations have victimised relatively large populations. To this day, millions of people continue to live in the margin of society lacking effective attention from governments, development aid, human rights organisations and media authorities.

Global Human Rights Defence aims to specifically address those areas and populations of the world where severe and extensive human rights violations of certain ethnic and religious minorities have taken place for long periods, and where structural help and global attention of the international media have proven to be absent or insufficient.

It is the mission of Global Human Rights Defence (GHRD) to actively promote human rights, especially minority rights, as well as to form a well-structured international platform to inform and influence established organisations and relevant authorities. Global Human Rights Defence has chosen The Hague as its base due to its position as a true centre of peace and justice, especially with the presence of an increasingly large number of international bodies and institutions now based in the city.

Number of staff

Who's who?
Chairman: Sradhanand Sital
Secretary: Nizaad Bissumbhar
Treasurer: Ranjeev Gowri
Commissioner: Patrick Fassaert
Human Rights Officer: Jenny Lundström
Humanitarian Aid Officer: Gayatri Sewbaransingh
Education Project Manager: Anna Innocenti
Communication Officer: Cíntia Taylor

Contact information
Javastraat 58
2585 AR The Hague

Postal address
P.O. Box 193
2501 CD The Hague

Tel:  +31 (0) 70 3456 975
Fax: +31 (0) 70 3926 575

Website: Global Human Rights Defence
Further information: GHRD Fact sheet

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