PCA Awards

Official seal of the Permanent Court of ArbitrationWorking in close co-operation with the Permanent Court of Arbitration (PCA), the Hague Justice Portal has digitalised a number of the Court’s historic international arbitral awards, making them available for the first time in electronic format.

This is the first stage of an ambitious project, which began in early 2006, to fully digitalise the awards rendered under the auspices of the PCA, established in The Hague in 1899. The Hague Justice Portal is a free and publicly accessible gateway to information and research materials emanating from Hague-based legal institutions. The online availability of these awards, which is of great significance to the development of international law and dispute resolution, will allow jurists, lawyers, scholars, researchers and students free and convenient access to documents that previously only had limited availability. 
An ever-increasing number of the PCA’s awards from the early 20th century, together with additional documents relating to those arbitrations, are now available online at the Hague Justice Portal in both searchable PDF and HTML formats.

A complete list of PCA cases can  be accessed at Courts and tribunals under "Permanent Court of Arbitration".

Date of latest addition: 2 December 2008

Radio Corporation of America v. China (1935)

Preferential Treatment    (Germany, Great Britain and Italy v. Venezuela, 1904)

The Pious Funds of Californias   (U.S.A.v. Mexico, 1902)

The Manouba Case  (France v. Italy, 1913) 

Russian Claim for Indemnities (Russia v. Turkey, 1912)

Canevaro Claim (Italy v. Peru, 1912)

Arrest and Restoration of Savarkar (France v. Great Britain, 1911)

Deserters of Casablanca (Germany v. France, 1909)

Muscat Dhows Case (France v. Great Britain, 1905)

Japanese House Tax (Germany, France and Great Britain v. Japan, 1905)

Click on the relevant case name below to access the full text of the award and other case-related documents that are now available on the Portal.

The Grisbådarna Case  (Norway v. Sweden, 1909)

The North Atlantic Coast Fisheries Case (Great Britain v. U.S.A., 1910)

The Orinoco Steamship Company Case  (U.S.A. v. Venezuela, 1910)

The "Carthage" Case  (France v. Italy, 1913)

Boundaries in the Island of Timor  (The Netherlands v. Portugal, 1914)

Norwegian Shipowners’ Claims  (Norway v. U.S.A., 1922)

The Island of Palmas Case (or Miangas) (The Netherlands v. U.S.A., 1928)

The publication of these historic cases constitutes the initial phases in a continuing project with the PCA.