Blagojević, Vidoje

In July 1995, Vidoje Blagojević was the Commander of the Bratunac Brigade and held the rank of Colonel. It was alleged that by virtue of his position as Commander of the Bratunac Brigade, Colonel Blagojević participated in the forcible transfer of women and children from the Srebrenica enclave to Kladanj on 12 and 13 July 1995. The indictment against Blagojević additionally held him responsible for all prisoners captured, detained, or killed within the Bratunac Brigade zone, including those prisoners that were subsequently transported, with his knowledge, to the Zvornik Brigade zone for further detention and, ultimately, execution.

On 17 January 2005, the Trial Chamber sentenced Blagojević to 18 years’ imprisonment for complicity to commit genocide, murder, persecutions and inhumane acts. On 9 May 2007, the Appeals Chamber acquitted him of complicity to commit genocide and consequently reduced his sentenced to 15 years.

On 25 January 2008 Vidoje Blagojevic was transferred in Norway to serve his sentence and was entitled to credit for time spent in custody.

On 15 July 2008 the Appeals Chamber dismissed a defence request for a judgment review.

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