Hadžihasanović, Enver

On 15 March 2006, the Trial Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) convicted Enver Hadžihasanović of murder and cruel treatment (violations of laws and customs of wars) and sentenced him to five years’ imprisonment. Hadžihasanović appealed the decision. On 20 June 2007, Hadžihasanović was granted provisional release for the remainder of the duration of the appeal proceedings. On 22 April 2008, the Appeals Chamber granted Hadžihasanović's appeal in part, reducing his sentence to three years and six months of imprisonment.

Hadžihasanović was a senior officer of the Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina (ABiH), holding the rank of Brigadier General starting in December 1993. He was convicted along with Amir Kubura for failing to take necessary and reasonable measures to prevent or punish several crimes committed by forces under their command in central Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1993 and the beginning of 1994.

Enver Hadzihasanovic was released on 23 April 2008 upon completion of his sentence.

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