Krnojelac, Milorad

From April 1992 to August 1993, Milorad Krnojelac was the commander of the Serb-run “Kaneno-Popravni Dom” (KP Dom) detention camp in Foča. KP Dom was the principal detention centre for non-Serbs in the region (south-east of Sarajevo).

On 15 March 2002, Trial Chamber II convicted Milorad Krnojelac of two counts of crimes against humanity and two counts of violations of the laws or customs of war. He was initially sentenced to seven and a half years’ imprisonment. Both the Prosecution and the Defence appealed the Trial Chamber’s judgement. On 17 September 2003, the Appeals Chamber upheld the conviction and sentenced Milorad Krnojelac to 15 years’ imprisonment. In April 2006 he was transferred to Italy to serve his sentence.

On 9 July 2009 Milorad Krnojelac was granted early release on the basis of the credit given for the spent in detention since 15 June 1998.

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