Strugar, Pavle

In October 1991, Pavle Strugar was appointed Commander of the Second Operational Group of the Yugoslav People's Army (JNA) to conduct the military campaign against the Dubrovnik region of Croatia. On 6 December 1991, JNA forces conducted military action in Dubrovnik. In the course of the attack, civilians were killed and injured, and protected buildings were damaged and destroyed.

On 31 January 2005, Trial Chamber I of the International Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) sentenced Pavle Strugar to 8 years’ imprisonment. Strugar was convicted of two counts of violation of the laws or customs of war: attacks on civilians and destruction or willful damage done to institutions dedicated to religion, charity and education, the arts and sciences, historic monuments and works or art and science. On 17 July 2008, the Appeals Chamber convicted Strugar of two additional counts: the crime of devestation not justified by military necessity and the crime of unlawful attacks on civilian objects. However, in view of Strugar's deteriorating health, the Appeals Chamber reduced Strugar's sentence to seven and a half years' imprisonment.

On 16 January 2009, the President of the ICTY, Judge Patrick Robinson, ordered the early release of Pavle Strugar, citing concerns over his deteriorating health.

The early release became effective on 20 February 2009.

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