Dorđević, Vlastimir

Vlastimir DordevićAs the Assistant Minister of the Serbian Ministry of the Interior and a close aide to Slobodan Milošević, Vlastimir Đorđević was responsible for all units and personnel in Serbia, including Kosovo, between 1 January and 20 June 1999.

Vlastimir Đorđević has been charged on the basis of individual and superior criminal responsibility with directing, encouraging or supporting Serbian forces who perpetrated crimes which resulted in the forcible transfer and deportation of approximately 800,000 Kosovo Albanian civilians. According to the 6 July 2006 indictment, Đorđević participated in a joint criminal enterprise commencing in October 1998. He is charged with deportation, murder and persecution as crimes against humanity and murder as a violation of the laws and customs of war.

Đorđević had initially been indicted with Nebojša Pavković, Vladimir Lazarević and Sreten Lukić. This “Pavković  et al” case was later joined with the “Milutinović et al” case. On 26 June 2006, the ICTY Trial Chamber severed the indictment of Vlastimir Đorđević so that the trial against the other accused could commence as scheduled.

Vlastimir Đorđević was arrested in Montenegro on 17 June 2007, in cooperation with the ICTY Prosecution, Montenegrin and Serbian authorities.

He first appeared at the ICTY on 19 June 2007. His trial began on 27 January 2009. The Prosecution completed its case on 28 October 2009. The Defence case commenced on 30 November 2009 and was completed on 20 May 2010.

The closing arguments took place on 13 and 14 July 2010.

On 23 February 2011 Vlastimir Dordevic was found guilty of all five charges against him and sentenced to 27 years imprisonment.

On 16 March 2011 the Appeals Chamber granted a defence motion for an extension of time to file a notice of appeal, setting a deadline of 24 May 2011.


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