Janković, Gojko

Gojko JankovicOn 16 February 2007, the Trial Panel of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) found Gojko Janković guilty of crimes against humanity and sentenced him to 34 years’ imprisonment. The Trial Panel found that as a leader of a military unit within the Foča brigade of the Army of the Srpska Republika BiH, Gojko Janković participated in a widespread and systematic attack of the army, police and paramilitary formations on the non-Serb civilian population of the Foča municipality between April 1992 and November 1993. 

In pronouncing its verdict, the Trial Panel stated that in July 1992, Janković commanded a group of soldiers who attacked Muslim civilians hiding in the forest in the Kremnik hill. On several occasions between mid-June 1992 and January 1993, Janković raped female detainees and, together with Dragoljub Kunarac, he kept two of them in sexual slavery throughout this period.

Gojko Janković was originally indicted together with Radovan Stanković, Dragan Zelenović, Dragan Gagović, Janko Janjić, Radomir Kovac, Zoran Vuković and Dragoljub Kunarac before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. The case against Janković was referred to the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on 15 November 2005.

On 19 November 2007 the Appellate Panel of the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina upheld the sentence of 34 years’ imprisonment.

On 12 April 2010 Gojko Jankovic’s defence filed a motion asking that his case be referred back to the ICTY or, alternatively, that the BiH State Court re-try him on the basis of the ICTY’s original indictment.

On 21 June 2010 the Referral Bench rejected the defence motion.

DomCLIC Project: Janković case before the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Foča "Rape Camps": A dark page read through the ICTY's jurisprudence
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