Krstić, Radislav

Krstic, Radislav Radislav Krstić was the Deputy Commander and Chief-of -Staff of the Drina Corps within the Bosnian Serb Army (“VRS”). On 13 July 1995, General Ratko Mladić appointed Radislav Krstić Commander. The Drina Corps was the VRS military formation tasked with planning and carrying out the operation “Krivaja 95”, which laid out the plan for the attack on the Srebrenica safe area.

In 1998, Krstić was indicted by the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) in connection with the attacks led by the Serb forces on the Muslim enclave of Srebrenica and its surroundings from July 1995 onwards.

On 2 August 2001, the Trial Chamber found Radislav Krstić guilty of murder, persecutions and genocide. This was a landmark decision. For the first time, the ICTY irrevocably established that genocide was committed in Srebrenica. Radislav Krstić became the first man convicted of genocide by the Tribunal, and was sentenced to 46 years in prison. 

The Prosecution and the Defence appealed the judgment. On 4 April 2004, the Appeals Chamber confirmed the finding that acts of genocide had taken place in Srebrenica. It nevertheless held that Krstić’s participation consisted in aiding and abetting acts of genocide rather than instigating such acts. The Appeals Chamber consequently sentenced him to 35 years’ imprisonment.

On 20 December 2004 Krstić was transferred to the United Kingdom to serve his sentence at Wakefield Prison in West Yorkshire.

On May 7, 2010 three Muslim inmates attacked Krstić, severely wounding him. On 18 February 2011 the three men were convicted of wounding with intent to commit grievous bodily harm, but were acquitted of attempted murder.


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