Dokmanović, Slavko

Slavko Dokmanovic

Slavko Dokmanović was President of the Vukovar municipality in eastern Croatia from 1990 until mid-1991. The initial indictment against Mile Mrkšić, Miroslav Radić and Veselin Šljivančanin was confirmed on 7 November 1995. On 3 April 1996, the first amended indictment added Slavko Dokmanović. Slavko Dokmanović was charged with three counts of crimes against humanity, three counts of violations of the laws or customs of war and three counts of grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions. According to the indictment, Slavko Dokmanović shares responsibility for the mass killing at Ovčara, near Vukovar, of approximately 200 Croatian and other non-Serb persons who had been removed from Vukovar Hospital on 20 November 1991.

The trial against Slavko Dokmanović commenced on 19 January 1998 and lasted until 25 June 1998. Slavko Dokmanović died on 29 June 1998 at the ICTY Detention Unit. On 15 July 1998, the Trial Chamber I terminated proceedings against him.

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