Maritime Boundary Norway-Sweden (Grisbådarna)

Date of Award: 23 October 1909

Emblem of the Permanent Court of ArbitrationThe demarcation of the maritime boundary between Sweden and Norway was controlled by a Treaty concluded between the two nations on 26 October 1661. Since the conclusion of the treaty, uncertainties had arisen surrounding several points of the frontier. Swedish and Norwegian commissioners were appointed in 1897 to establish the exact course of each portion of the boundary line. When the commissioners presented their report, it was found that the parties were in agreement as to the first part of the boundary, but that they disagreed on the second part of the boundary (the Grisbådarna and the Skjöttegrunde). As the parties were unable to reach agreement, they submitted their dispute to arbitration.

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Please note, the French is the official version of this Award.

The Grisbådarna Case: Award

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