Gabcíkovo-Nagymaros (Hungary v. Slovakia)

Date of Judgment: 25 September 1997

On 2 July 1993, Hungary and Slovakia notified the ICJ that a Special Agreement existed between Hungary and Czechoslovakia regarding the implementation and the termination of the Budapest Treaty of 16 September 1977 on the Construction and Operation of the Gabčíkovo-Nagymaros System of Locks on the Danube. The Special Agreement identified Slovakia as the sole successor of the State of Czechoslovakia. In its Judgment of 1997, the Court asserted that Hungary was not entitled to suspend and subsequently abandon, in 1989, the Nagymaros project and the part of the Gabčíkovo project for which it was responsible, and that Czechoslovakia was entitled to proceed, in November 1991, with a “provisional solution” (damming up the Danube on Czechoslovak territory). The Court also stated that Czechoslovakia was not entitled to put into operation, from October 1992, the system of locks in question, and that Slovakia, as successor to Czechoslovakia, had become Party to the Treaty of 16 September 1977 as of 1 January 1993.

Case concering the Gabcikovo-Nagymaros project (O. McIntyre)Down the Danube: (Gabcïkovo-Nagymaros) (D. Reichert-Facilides)The Gabcikovo-Nagymaros Case (F. Nii Botchway)
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