Bralo 20-year sentence affirmed 02 Apr 2007
The Appeals Chamber of the ICTY has affirmed the sentence of 20 years' imprisonment for former member of the HVO Military Police Battalion, Miroslav Bralo.

On 2 April 2007, the Appeals Chamber of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) affirmed the 20-year prison sentence handed down to Miroslav Bralo by the Trial Chamber on 7 December 2005. Bralo, who was a former member of the anti-terrorist platoon of the HVO Military Police Battalion known as the “Jokers”, had pleaded guilty to all eight counts on the amended indictment for crimes carried out in the Lašva Valley region of central Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The crimes included multiple murder, rape, torture, unlawful confinement and inhumane treatment of Bosnian Muslim civilians, including a number of children, between January and mid-July 1993.

In support of his appeal, Bralo submitted that the Trial Chamber did not attach significant weight to accepted mitigating factors. The Appellant claimed that the Trial Chamber should have pronounced a lighter sentence, considering the number and significance of these mitigating circumstances. Bralo additionally argued that the Trial Chamber was wrong to consider that certain factors were “not relevant to sentence” and that they did not constitute a mitigating circumstance.

In its decision, the Appeals Chamber dismissed all grounds of appeal filed by Miroslav Bralo. In its unanimous ruling, the Appeals Chamber arrived at the conclusion that “a reduction in the sentence would not be justified”. Bralo will remain in the custody of the ICTY pending the finalisation of arrangements for his transfer to the State in which his sentence will be served.

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