Zoran Janković acquitted of crimes against humanity 19 Jun 2007
On 19 June, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina acquitted Zoran Janković of crimes against humanity.

Zoran JankovicOn 19 June 2007, the Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) rendered the first instance verdict in the case against Zoran Janković, finding him not guilty of crimes against humanity due to lack of evidence. The Trial Panel could not conclude, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Janković committed the crimes he was charged with.

According to the indictment, Zoran Janković, as a member of the Serb army, participated in the widespread and systematic attack of members of the army and police of the so-called Serb Republic of BiH and Serb paramilitary formations against the Bosniak civilian population of the municipalities of Zvornik and Kalesija (north-east of BiH). It was alleged that on 29 April 1992, Zoran Janković, together with Matić Radenko, commander of the Artillery Unit in Osmaci, and members of paramilitary formations captured a group of Bosniak civilians. The civilians were ordered to go to “Rašidov Han” in Snagovo (municipality of Zvornik). According to the indictment, Janković participated in the killing of 36 and wounding of three civilians from this group and participated in setting the victims' bodies on fire in order to conceal the crime. Janković was also acquitted of participating in the forced removal of captured civilians following an attack on Šeher and Like (municipality of Kalesija) on 27 May 1992.

This Janković case, and many others, can be found on DomCLIC, an ever-expanding database of domestic jurisprudence relating to international criminal law. This online digest gives access to domestic case law that deals with issues pertaining to international criminal law from countries all over the world.

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