Okot Odhiambo

Okot OdhiamboOkot Odiambo is one of the key commanders of the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), a rebel group which has been fighting against the Government of Uganda and terrorising the civilian population in northern Uganda since 1987. Okot Odiambo is accused of leading the LRA's massacre at the Barlonya refugee camp in February 2004, where more than 300 people were burnt, shot and hacked to death. He was reportedly coordinating raids on civilians in the Kitgum district in March 2005, involving sexual violence and the enforced recruitment of child soldiers.

The International Criminal Court issued the arrest warrant for Okot Odhiambo on 8 July 2005. It lists ten counts on the basis of his individual criminal responsibility. He is charged with two counts of crimes against humanity and eight counts of war crimes. He remains at large.

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