Fofana, Moinina

Moinina FofanaMoinina Fofana was one of the top leaders of the Civil Defence Forces (CDF) in Sierra Leone. The CDF was a pro-government paramilitary organisation involved in an armed conflict against the combined forces of the Revolutionary United Front and the Armed Forces Revolutionary Council (RUF/AFRC) during the country’s civil war from 1991-2002. As National Director of War of the CDF, Fofana was considered the second in command after Samuel Hinga Norman. He was in charge of liaising with the commanders in the field and of supervising and controlling operations; he provided them with logistics including arms and ammunition. From 1996 to 1999, the CDF forces actively fought against the RUF/AFRC in various parts of the country. The attacks were also directed against civilians suspected of “collaborating” with the rebels and included killings, looting, and the destruction of private property.

Moinina Fofana was arrested on 29 May 2003 and transferred to the Special Court for Sierra Leone (SCSL). In the indictment against him of 26 June 2003 he was charged on the basis of individual responsibility with crimes against humanity and war crimes. In addition, the indictment held him and other leaders of the CDF to be responsible as hierarchical superiors for acts committed by their subordinates.

On 2 August 2007 the Court convicted Moinina Fofana on four counts involving violence to life, in particular murder, cruel treatment, pillage and issuing collective punishments. On 9 October 2007, Fofana was sentenced to 6 years’ imprisonment.

In its Appeals Judgement of 28 May 2008, the Appeals Chamber entered new convictions against Fofana for murder and inhumane acts as crimes against humanity and increased his sentence to 15 years' imprisonment.

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