New commentary on Hague Justice Portal 09 May 2008
Sophia Kagan examines the so-called Media case before the ICTR's Appeals Chamber and analyses the grounds of appeal of those behind the media campaign inciting genocide in Rwanda in 1994.

The Prosecutor v. Nahimana, Barayagwiza and Ngeze, popularly dubbed the Media case, involved the prosecution of three individuals alleged to have been the masterminds behind a media campaign to desensitize the Hutu population and incite them to murder the Tutsi population in Rwanda in 1994.

In this latest commentary written for the Hague Justice Portal, Sophia Kagan analyses the separate grounds of appeal as dealt with by the ICTR's Appeals Chamber in its Judgement of 28 November 2007. The case of the infamous Radio Télévision Libre des Mille Collines founders and editor of the Kangura newsletter is particualrly notable as it is the first case of its kind since the Nuremberg Tribunal sentenced Julius Streicher to death in 1946 for the publication of Der Stürmer, a newspaper contributing to Nazi propaganda.

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