ICTY: Arrest of One of the Last Remaining Fugitives 12 Jun 2008
Stojan Župljanin was arrested in Belgrade by the Serbian authorities. He was one of the last four fugitives wanted by the ICTY.

On 10 June 2008, Stojan Župljanin was arrested near Belgrade by the Serbian authorities. He should be transferred soon to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY). He was one of the last four fugitives wanted by the ICTY.

The ICTY issued an indictment against Stojan Župljanin in March 1999 (last amended in 2004). He is charged with 12 counts of crimes against humanity in particular against Muslim and Croatian civilians (persecution, extermination, murder, torture, inhumane acts, deportation) and for violations of the laws or customs of war.

From 1991 onwards, Stojan Župljanin was commander of the Regional Security Services Centre (CSB) of Banja Luka. As commander, he was the most senior police officer in the Autonomous Region of Krajina (ARK) in the north-east of Bosnia-Herzegovina. From May 1992 until July 1992 he was a member of the ARK Crisis Staff, and in 1994 he became advisor for internal affairs to the President of Republika Srpska.

His arrest follows recent legislative elections in Serbia, which the pro-EU democrat party won. The apprehension of the remaining ICTY fugitives by Serbia is one of the conditions for further development in the relations between Serbia and the European Union.

Three fugitives remain at large: Radovan Karadžič and Ratko Mladić who are indicted particularly for the massacre of Srebrenica in the East of Bosnia and Goran Hadžić, former leader of the Serbians of Croatia, who is indicted for war crimes.

Prosecutor’s Statement on Arrest
Second Amended Indictment

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Stojan Župljanin

Stojan Župljanin