The Hague Court of Appeal ("Gerechtshof")

The Hague Court of AppealThe Hague Court of Appeal (“Gerechtshof ’s-Gravenhage”) is one of five appeals courts in the Netherlands.

With regard to criminal and civil law, the justices of the Court of Appeal only deal with cases where an appeal has been lodged against the judgement passed by the district court. The Court of Appeal re-examines the facts of the case and reaches its own conclusions. In most cases it is possible to contest the Court of Appeal’s decision by appealing in cassation to the Supreme Court of the Netherlands.

In recent years, The Hague Court of Appeal has dealt with several cases of international significance. These include those of Guus Kouwenhoven, José Maria Sison, Frans van Anraat and, on 29 January 2007, Heshamuddin Hesam and Habubullah Jalazoy.

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