Ntakirutimana, Gérard

During the Rwandan genocide, Gérard Ntakirutimana was a physician and medical director in Mugonero hospital in the Mugonero complex, Kibyue préfecture. For his actions in April 1994 at the complex, where hundreds of Tutsi civilians taking refuge were killed or seriously wounded, Ntakirutimana was charged under an Indictment dated 20 October 2000, with genocide or complicity in the alternative, conspiracy to commit genocide and crimes against humanity. A second indictment was also issued against Ntakirutimana on 7 July 1998, charging him with seven counts of genocide, complicity in genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, crimes against humanity and serious violations of humanitarian law for his actions from April to June 1994 in Bisesero.

Under each indictment, Ntakirutimana was charged alongside his father and former priest, Elizaphan Ntakirutimana. In the ‘Mugonero’ indictment another accused, Charles Sikubwabo, who remains at large was also charged. Having been arrested in Côte d’Ivoire in 1996, Ntakirutimana was transferred to Arusha where his trial along with his father began on 18 September 2001.

On February 19 2003, Trial Chamber I delivered its judgment on the charges contained in the two indictments, finding Gérard Ntakirutimana guilty of genocide and two counts of murder as crimes against humanity. Ntakirutimana was found not guilty of all the other charges. In sentencing him to 25 years’ imprisonment, the Trial Chamber considered the mitigating factor that he was a person of good character until the genocide, but also the aggravating factors of his education, status and abuse of his profession as a doctor, and his personal participation over an extended period of time in killing Tutsi civilians. The judgment and sentence were upheld on appeal on 13 December 2004. On 27 June 2009, he was transferred to Benin to serve the remainder of his sentence.

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