Karadžić to defend himself 31 Jul 2008
At his initial appearance before the ICTY, Radovan Karadžić indicated that he intended to represent himself before the Tribunal. He refrained from entering a plea at this stage.

Radovan Karadzic in court at his initial appearance on 31 July 2008. The Accused chose not to be represented by Counsel at the hearing.At his initial appearance before the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) on Thursday 31 July, recently-transferred Radovan Karadžić confirmed that he intended to represent himself, both at the pre-trial stage and in later proceedings.

At the Prosecution’s behest, Judge Orie – who will be the presiding judge in the Karadžić case – provided initial warnings to the Accused as to the potential ramifications of such a decision.

Karadžić will have to enter a submission in writing if he does not wish to be represented by Counsel before the Tribunal.

‘No plea at this stage’

Radovan Karadžić exercised his right not to enter a plea to the eleven counts in the indictment against him at this stage. During the hearing, the Prosecution confirmed that it intended to make updates to the operative indictment, which was confirmed more than eight years ago on 31 May 2000. Karadžić indicated that he wished to read the new indictment against him in full before answering to the charges.

A further hearing in the case has been set for Friday 29 August at 14.15.

‘Irregularities in arrest’

During the hearing, Judge Orie gave the Accused the chance to raise any procedural matters which may be relevant at the initial appearance. After announcing that he would like to read a four-page document regarding concerns and “irregularities”, the Judge allowed Karadžić to make a statement.

The Accused then raised concerns regarding his initial detention in Belgrade claiming that he had been detained by “civilians” for two days before being handed over to the official Serbian authorities.

Additionally, Karadžić attempted to provide details of earlier agreements he made in 1996 with representatives of the US government at the time although Judge Orie cut him short, informing the Accused that there would be “ample time” to address such matters at a later date.

If the Prosecution does seek to amend the operative indictment it will be up to the Trial Chamber to confirm it or not. Karadžić will be invited to make submissions before the Chamber and then have 30 days after it is confirmed to enter a plea.

Read Karadžić's first written submission to the Pre-Trial Chamber (1 August 2008)

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