Former Serbian President granted provisional release 10 Sep 2008
ICTY accused Milan Milutinović, President of Serbia from 1997 to 2002, will be allowed to return to Serbia for three weeks to undergo medical treatment.

Following the completion of his trial at the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) on 27 August, former Serbian President Milan Milutinović will be provisionally released from 10 September until 2 October.

In its decision of 5 September, the Trial Chamber granted the accused’s motion for temporary release in order to return to Serbia to “attend to urgent and serious medical needs in Belgrade”. The Prosecution opposed Milutinović’s request for provisional release on several grounds, arguing that the accused’s present circumstances did not “rise to the level warranting a release on compassionate grounds”.

‘Strict security measures’

The provisional release of Milutinović is subject to several conditions imposed by the Trial Chamber. The accused will be under 24-hour electronic surveillance in Serbia, his passport will be surrendered to the Serbian Ministry of Justice and two policemen will be in the presence of the former President at all times.

Additionally, the Government of Serbia has undertaken responsibility for ensuring that the terms of the provisional release are adhered to.

Milutinović succeeded his political ally Slobodan Milošević to become Serbian President in 1997, until his term ended in 2002.

Milutinović is charged with murder and persecutions, deportation and forcible transfer committed in Kosovo in 1999, including the alleged deportation of 800,000 Kosovo Albanian civilians. In January 2003, Milutinović was transferred to the ICTY following his surrender to the authorities of the Tribunal.

The date of the Trial Judgement in the case of the ‘Kosovo six’ will be announced in due course.

Milan Milutinović

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