Judge Robinson elected new ICTY President 04 Nov 2008
In a surprise announcement following President Pocar's election just last year, Judge Patrick Robinson has been elected the new President of the ICTY. Judge Kwon will be the new Vice-President.

Judge Patrick Robinson (Jamaica)On 4 November, the Judge Patrick Robinson (Jamaica) was elected as President of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) by the permanent judges in an Extraordinary Plenary Session.

Judge O-Gon Kwon (South Korea) was elected as the new Vice-President.

The appointments are effective from 17 November 2008.

Judge Robinson has been a judge at the Tribunal since November 1998. Following Judge May’s death in 2004, Judge Robinson became the Presiding Judge in the trial of Slobodan Milošević as it has been announced that he will be the Presiding Judge in the upcoming trial of Radovan Karadžić.

Judge O-Gon Kwon, who has been at the Tribunal since November 2001, was also one of the three judges in the trial of Slobodan Milošević, along with Judge Iain Bonomy.

Early elections

Judge O-Gon KwonJudges Robinson and Kwon were elected to the positions of President and Vice-President of Tribunal, respectively, after early elections were held by the permanent judges in Tuesday’s Extraordinary Plenary Session.

On 26 September 2007, Judge Fausto Pocar (Italy) and Judge Kevin Parker (Australia) had been re-elected to the positions for a two-year term.

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