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International Justice News
Ukraine Warns the World: It's Now or Never for Prosecuting Putin

Ukraine Warns the World: It's Now or Never for Prosecuting Putin - PassBlue [...]

Philippines Faces Crossroads as ICC Probe Looms Over Duterte's Ant…

A majority of Filipinos support ICC investigation into Duterte's drug war, signaling a collective desire for transparency and accountability. President Marcos Jr. may reconsider the country's ICC … [...]

Hamtramck March Calls for Ceasefire in Gaza: Voices for Peace Echo…

Residents of Hamtramck, MI unite in a peaceful protest demanding an end to U.S. complicity in Middle East war crimes. Activists call for a Gaza ceasefire and dialogue on peace. [...]

Israel’s Occupation of Palestinian Territories Draws Focus of U.N. Court

Dozens of countries are expected to argue before the International Court of Justice about the legality of Israeli actions in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. [...]

ICC Intensifies Pursuit of Joseph Kony: A Landmark Quest for Justi…

The ICC's intensified actions against Joseph Kony, accused of war crimes and crimes against humanity, mark a crucial moment in international law. Despite his elusiveness, the court requests a conf… [...]

The Peace, Justice and Security Foundation

About us

The Peace, Justice and Security Foundation was established in 2016 under the umbrella of the Hague Justice Portal, a website that  was officially launched by Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet of the Netherlands in The Hague on 6 April 2006.  The Portal promotes, and provides greater access to, the institutions, courts and organisations in The Hague, The Netherlands, working in the field of international peace, justice, and security.



The Foundation was established to:

“Globally educate, promote, represent victims and create awareness of the ideals of Peace, Justice and Security among all age groups and communities; and provide, in association with The Hague Justice Portal, an information hub and platform for public institutions in The Hague and other stakeholders to stimulate a more inclusive dialogue of peace, justice and security”.

Our Mission is: “Education for conscious change”

With the use of educational materials, the foundation will use books, film, music, sports, publications, storytelling, animations, media and online campaigns, as well as events to raise awareness.

As a connected global society, we no longer have the right to look away but have a moral obligation to act. To protect each of us, we must protect our global community to ensure peace, justice and security for all.